For many years, Ketterthill Laboratory has been committed to a quality approach that strives to continuously improve the value of services and the reporting of results.
Thanks to the work and the dedication of our staff, we have been awarded ISO 15189 certification by the Luxembourg accreditation authority OLAS, in the fields of autoimmunity, biochemistry, hormonology, serology, haematology and microbiology.

This certification, which is specific to medical laboratories, lays down the quality and competency standards to be upheld, in both human and technical terms: from welcoming the patient to sending them their results, each stage in the ‘production’ of a test must meet the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard.

Implementation of a quality policy

Ketterthill Laboratory quality policy is to ensure and maintain an impeccable service for patients and prescribing doctors, reflected in the following: provision of an adapted and personalised service, Ggarantee of the quality of tests performed, reporting of results as quickly as possible and compliance with hygiene and safety rules.

In order to apply this policy, we rely on the following:

_ A special relationship with prescribing doctors and patients
_ Maintaining the high level of skill and involvement of our employees
_ The latest cutting-edge analysis and IT equipment
_ Close coordination with our suppliers.